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Infantry NCO Peaked Cap

Doeskin material.Aluminium cap insignia.Vulcan fibre peak.Leather sweat band complete.Celluloid label maker marked Globus.Size 56cm.Some mothing to top of cap.This has been repaired at some point.In Good Condition.


Code: 51503

575.00 GBP

Medical Bag With Contents

Bag Red Cross stamped R.K Sanitatslager,Babelsberg.There was a large Wehrmacht hospital there.Cardboard insert complete.Contents include 3 Pairs of Wound Forceps,Unopened Pack of Vasenol Wound Powder,Pack of Medical Wadding,Enamel Red Cross Badge complete with pin,Wound Bandage,Medics Arm Band,Pack of Gauze dated 1941,Two Red Cross Bandages also dated 1941,Kosak Tablet Tin,Bar of Soap, Small Bandage,Wax Tub of Frost Ointment with contents,Tin of Burns Cream and a Record Syringe set in its original box and metal case.Great set for the medical collector.In Good Condition.


Code: 51502

350.00 GBP

EK2 Medal Packet

Original presentation envelope for the Iron Cross 2nd class.In Very Good Condition.

Code: 51501

25.00 GBP

Officers Photo

Photo of group of Officers.Measures 16cm x 12cm.In Good Condition.

Code: 51500

10.00 GBP

Sturm vor England Toren Magazine

Original wartime produced.Covering the Battle of France.31 pages.Many military combat photos.In Good Condition.

Code: 51499

18.00 GBP

Luftwaffe Cap Insignia

Aluminium insignia.Prongs intact.In Very Good Condition.

Code: 51498


Kreigsmarine Trade Patch

Sleeve patch for a Line Officer.In Good Condition.

Code: 51497

12.00 GBP

Kreigsmarine Trade Patch

Proficiency sleeve patch for a Musician.In Very Good Condition.

Code: 51496

12.00 GBP

Eastern Front Medal

Tidy example.Complete with full length ribbon.In Good Condition.

Code: 51495

45.00 GBP

Trouser Braces

An original set of elasticated braces.Leather belt loops.In Good Condition.

Code: 51494